RJ Holt and Detective Grasshorn look at a statute book togetherWindsor Police Department Investigators are tasked with conducting thorough investigations of criminal activity with due diligence and to prepare criminal case for appropriate clearance or submission to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

In an effort to promote transparency, strengthen partnerships, increase information sharing, foster innovation and enhance safety in our communities, Windsor Police Department Investigators and staff are contributing members to several teams and associations.

Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)

As a member of both the Larimer and Weld County CIRT teams, the Windsor Police Department CIRT team assists in the investigation of officer-involved shootings and other critical incidents as a way to promote greater transparency and integrity to the investigative process. This team was developed in response to Senate Bill 15-219.

Northern Colorado Drug Task Force (NCDTF)

The Northern Colorado Drug Task Force is dedicated to identifying, investigating, and impacting drug crimes and criminals in Larimer County Colorado.

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC)

The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program is a national network of 61 coordinated task forces representing over 4,500 federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies. These agencies are continually engaged in proactive and reactive investigations and prosecutions of persons involved in child abuse and exploitation involving the Internet.