Property & Evidence

The Windsor Police Department Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for maintaining the integrity of evidence and/or property collected during a criminal investigation and/or held for safekeeping. It is the policy of the Windsor Police Department to ensure that evidence and property being held by the department: 

  • Is properly stored in secure facilities
  • Can be retrieved for analysis, court, or release
  • That the chain of custody for each item can be verified

Found Property

Notice is hereby given that the property listed below is being held for safekeeping by Windsor Police Department. If you believe any of the property belongs to you, you must claim it within 30 days from the date it was published. If property is not claimed within 30 days, it will be disposed of.

Case NumberPropertyLocation FoundDate Posted
20-15464Bicycle900 Block Canyon Court10/08/2020
20-14681Necklace200 Block 11th Street09/21/2020
20-14681Sunglasses200 Block 11th Street09/21/2020
20-14681Earrings200 Block 11th Street09/21/2020
20-14681Keys200 Block 11th Street09/21/2020
20-14458Keys100 Block 5th Street09/21/2020
20-13895Cell Phone4th Street/Oak Street09/08/2020
20-11379Bicycle X 2HWY 257/Poudre Trail Dr08/31/2020
20-12522BicycleEastman Park08/31/2020
20-13403Keys1500 Block Main Street08/31/2020
20-13368Bicycle7000 Block Eastman Park Drive08/31/2020
20-12707KeysHighland Meadows Pkwy/Crystal Downs Drive08/24/2020
20-12831Wallet100 Block 5th Street08/24/2020
20-12831Cell Phone100 Block 5th Street08/24/2020
20-12709Knife1100 Block Main Street08/24/2020
20-12186Construction MaterialBoxwood Drive/Vermillion Peak Dr08/17/2020
20-11186Bicycle1300 Block Westwood Drive07/29/2020
7th Street/Oak Street
200 Block 11th Street
20-10419Bicycle900 Block Conifer Court07/29/2020
Cell Phone
100 Block N 5th Street
19-19993Men’s ring200 block of 9th Street10/28/2019
19-13005Wedding ring set100 block of 5th Street7/22/2019