Records Request

The Windsor Police Department Records Unit gathers information from officers throughout the department before it is processed, reviewed and stored.


The Records Unit handles nearly 22,000 cases each year. In addition to those cases, all citations which are issued by Windsor Police Department officers are circulated through Records before being forwarded to municipal or county court.

Request a Record

Copies of accident reports and offense reports can be provided to citizens who request them in writing. Please complete our Request for Criminal Justice Records Form (PDF) and either email it to the Records Division or drop it off at the Windsor Police Department. Please see the Town of Windsor Fee Schedule (PDF) for associated costs.


By Colorado law, we are allowed at least three business days from receiving the formal written request to respond. Generally, reports can be available sooner than three days. Many reports, however, are not immediately available such as:

  • If a report is still under investigation, it cannot be released unless authorized by the investigating officer
  • If there are circumstances where the report would need to be redacted according to the Colorado Open Records Act/Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act
  • If the report is in storage
  • If the report has been destroyed in accordance with the Colorado Archives Destruction Schedule

Traffic Accident Reports

Traffic accident reports can be accessed through our online reporting system. You must have the case number provided to you by the officer. For customer service issues related to the LexisNexis website only, you can contact their support at 866-215-2771.

Additional Services

If you are unable to use any of the online services, you may come to the Records Unit during normal business hours to purchase background checks/clearance letters (local contacts only), purchase copies of police reports and traffic accident reports, get a vehicle identification number (VIN) check.